Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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A little sliver of light…


Across the miles, through time and space

The winds of change made their presence known.

And even the most steadfast and unchanging of rocks,

Felt a sky that long separated them, was now their very own.


Over the years they spun their dreams

Around that enchanting sliver of light.

They lived each season and all the joy it brought

Mesmerized in the romance of each dawn and twilight.


One day a million years from now,

When the earth writes her history anew.

She will tell the tale of these silent rocks

In words as fresh as the morning dew.


It will be a tale of permanence

A tale of love from the very start,

Of how a little sliver of light,

Separated two rocks, but never could keep them apart.



Photo Credits: Arisudan Yadav – Denver, Colorado


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A line in water…

Town and Country Blvd. Houston./ Photo Credits: Arisudan Yadav







In life and all its myriad moments,
There remain a few untouched thoughts.

In the familiarity of each day,
There remain a few unknown fears.

In the quiet solitude of each night
There remain a few unspoken dreams..

Touched by love, caressed by life, they all unravel their mystery
And like a line that tears through the ripples in water, your heart finds its hidden rhythm.



Photo Credits: Arisudan Yadav/ Town and Country Blvd. Houston


A raindrop

A little raindrop on my window,
Opens to me a world anew.

There is so much beauty, there is boundless joy
Even if along the way, there are tears a few.

Dark and ominous the skies may seem,
Out of reach maybe every dream.

Yet just like how the sun never fails
Faith always carries us thru life’s travails…

From my French doors this afternoon...

From my French doors this afternoon…

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Twilight tears…

The boats came in one by one,  as twilight kissed the ocean blue

Like fireflies from a distant land, they filled up the misty hue.

The shoreline was a field of dreams, with smiling faces all around.

I steeled myself to the beautiful eve, and just waited for a distant sound.

A sound I knew I may not hear, because the music within me had died

Your soft farewell eons ago, still beat against my heart till it cried.

Yet amidst the song and cheer, I waited for the one I love.

With silent tears of hope and prayer, transfixed towards the ONE above.

The boats all found their home ashore, into loving embraces their owners went.

I tarried a while and then I knew, it was just another meaningless evening spent.

Gone was that music, as were you, and yet it was all so fresh in my mind.

Truer words weren’t spoken, when it’s said,  time doesn’t always heal a word unkind.