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Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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Frailties before Fall…

‘Tis was a summer to reckon with
As my blooms found color anew,
The soft breeze stirred my petals just right,
As they were gently kissed by the morning dew.

‘Tis was a summer of dreamy skies,
With strangely fiery moonlight nights,
Every blossom found its sensuous solace
In a blushing dawn or the mystery of twilights.

Yet the winds of change softly beckon now,
‘Tis a time for me to bid adieu
To drown in the warmth of memories
To return next summer to your love anew…

(Wednesday wonderings and wanderings in my yard as the first whispers of a Fall kissed breeze touched my face and I found every flower had a story to tell.. Some new. Some old. Some timeless …)



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A little sliver of light…


Across the miles, through time and space

The winds of change made their presence known.

And even the most steadfast and unchanging of rocks,

Felt a sky that long separated them, was now their very own.


Over the years they spun their dreams

Around that enchanting sliver of light.

They lived each season and all the joy it brought

Mesmerized in the romance of each dawn and twilight.


One day a million years from now,

When the earth writes her history anew.

She will tell the tale of these silent rocks

In words as fresh as the morning dew.


It will be a tale of permanence

A tale of love from the very start,

Of how a little sliver of light,

Separated two rocks, but never could keep them apart.



Photo Credits: Arisudan Yadav – Denver, Colorado

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In you I drown…



Your soft breeze rustles through my hair,
As my senses become a little more aware.
Enraptured I am by your gray skies,
And into a wanton land, my heart flies.
You terrorize me with winds unknown,
And watch me revel in those forbidden joys alone.
You tease and tantalize with sparks of fire
And torment me with an unspoken desire.
You wait in patience as you watch my stance
And laugh too at this heady romance.
At last,  you give in with a sensuous frown,
And as the rain soaks me, in you I drown.

(Afternoon musings as the skies and the earth engaged in the most beautiful foreplay before the rains…)

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The Lotus Leaf

Raindrops from the previous night,

Drenched a lotus leaf with all their might

But being one to always hold its own,

The leaf prayed for winds so the little drops would be blown.

Soon a gentle breeze kissed the little pond

And one by one the drops loosened their bond,

At last the lotus leaf stood free and clear,

Proud and strong that it held no one too dear.

Just when it thought, it was free of all rain,

And swayed with the ripples knowing it would never feel it again,

It caught a little rainbow sparkling in the sun

And saw that a tiny raindrop was prancing in fun.

Said the little drop to the leaf, “Try hard as you might, I won’t leave your heart.

No matter how strong the wind, I will never be apart.

And if you ask me the reason why, all I know is this,

On a day when the sun scorches you, I will remind you of the monsoons you miss.”


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as I look through my window…


As I look through my window one rainy evening,

My skies, my grass, my world, all seem to be in a cage.

I stare, and much more than the rain, cloud my eyes.

I find memories that trap me within myself.

I look again through my window and take in the world.

The cage is in my mind, the clouds are in my eyes.

A soft fragrance of the wet earth wafts in ever so gently

I am alive, I am awake, my soul is drenched with the nectar from the skies…


My ode to joy …

Much too often we lose sight of joy in an effort to look for it. It is everywhere if we just let ourselves feel its different shades.

In moments of innocence
In beats of childhood
In the gaiety of freedom
Joy abounds.

In the fire of youth
In the passion of life
In the sweet sorrows of love
Joy abounds

In the monotony of the mundane
In the simple joys of everyday
In treasuring things unchanged
Joy abounds.

In the romance of surprises
In the stupor of thrills
In the pursuit of mirages
Joy abounds.

In the stillness of time
In the twilight of memories
In knowing one has lived, and loved, without reason
Joy abounds.


A raindrop

A little raindrop on my window,
Opens to me a world anew.

There is so much beauty, there is boundless joy
Even if along the way, there are tears a few.

Dark and ominous the skies may seem,
Out of reach maybe every dream.

Yet just like how the sun never fails
Faith always carries us thru life’s travails…

From my French doors this afternoon...

From my French doors this afternoon…