Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?


First love…

Her letters didn’t remain for  very long,

Nor did the ink last through the years.

Her fragrance, she thought, was forgotten by him,

As were  all of her silent and unshed tears.

Sands of time found different dunes

Landscapes changed every where

Yet when ever she heard his name,

She knew deep within her, he was still there.

When their paths crossed suddenly, one Chrstimas eve,

In joy and hurt she lowered her eyes.

The lines on their faces and their grays of age

Told of silent tales that neither could surmise.

She went her way with a cane in hand,

While his held a little toddler’s toy,

Yet in that twlight hour they both knew,

She was still the girl who filled him with joy.


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Twilight or Dawn …

Dark satin skies with bits of piercing light,

Purple hues cloak within, tales of a forbidden night

Has my day ended or has it just begun?

Do I rise with this dawn, or get lost in this twilight?

Life stretches out in its myriad shades

Choose a color, it taunts, from my wondrous pallete

Let’s see you paint your world as you see,

Will you cower in the shadows or learn to break free?

I gently pick up the colorless brush,

And look at the canvas stretched before me.

Twlight or dusk, I laugh back at life,

Neither can rob myself of thee.

The taunting voice is now a gentle smile,

As life’s colorful pallete tempts my fate,

I pick up the brush one more time,

And decide to make this painting only mine.

I am no artist to know my hues,

I am no painter to understand the cues,

The colors take on a life of their own,

And deep within me,

………..the seeds of dawn and twilight are sown.