Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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The 3 wishes 

Three new blooms in the middle of nowhere, Made me pause, and most unceremoniously stare.
Was there a rhythm here, and maybe music unheard ?

Was there a story, a poem, or just an unspoken word ?
The breeze gently swayed the tulips three,

And without much music they sang to me. 
The sang of spring and tidings anew,

Of tears and longing, there were lyrics too. 
But as I left, each wished me a little gift that morn,

A solemn wish that #love, #faith and #hope, within me, were reborn. 
[ Three Wishes – PL ]

All over India, various states and regions are celebrating their respective New Year in the most festive of ways. Thousands of miles away across the globe, this little floral Trinity filled me with unspoken joy.  
Today I wish the same for you and yours with all of my heart.  


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To be..

I have nothing new to offer you, said my day to me. 

Nothing to inspire, no huge earth shattering epiphany.
There is no rain song, nor is a new tulip in bloom.

I feel much like an empty chair, that’s been too long in this room.  
I smiled at my day, and looked it straight in the eye.

Now now, stop being modest, you and I know not how to be shy. 
Empty chair, you say? In an even emptier space ? 

But my darling, had there been no stillness, wouldn’t we all just be running a race?
A race of tireless events, of unending gaiety and glee ?

And maybe, just maybe, we’d forget, to how to simply, be?
[To Be – PL ]

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My questions to the Universe 

Do you see what I see?

A blue sky, amidst the starkness?

Do you hear what I hear ?

Song birds, that can shatter darkness?

Do you feel what I feel ?

That there isn’t anything hope can’t cure ?

Do I know what it all means ?

That to live, at times, also means to endure ?
[ My questions to the Universe ] 



#MeAndMyStupidChallenges 😂😂😂😂


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An elephant and the 7 blind men

A tale too old to forget One felt a wall, the other a rope

A pillar was where the third’s opinion set. 
Argued they did back and forth

On what each knew to be right 

A snake for the trunk, a fan for the ear,

Their banter was now a full on fight.
How real, one often wonders,

Are the elephants we meet and such?

How many debates and discussion, 

Before my truth and yours, both mean just as much ? 




#MeAndMyStupidChallenges 😂😂😂😂

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Ram Navami

He has never inspired me into poetry. 

He is much too God like.

The dutiful son, the righteous king.

The faithful husband, the loving brother. 

His acts of valor don’t make my verses rhyme 

He has always been a little out of reach. 

A God of my mind more, of my heart, less.  

I have many questions for Him. 

Answers I am not yet worthy of understanding. 
And so I wait,
Patiently for truths to unfold. 

For my heart, to one day,

Be ready , willing and able to say,
And truly mean it.  

Until then….




#MeAndMyStupidChallenges 😂😂😂😂

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Gods love a bit of gratitude

A million gods they say
Is less when it comes to #India

33 crores I believe is the magic number,

Give or take a #Kali or a #Krishna.
They are the sustaining ones though 

To right wrongs, and for deliverance.

One worships their images with folded palms

Never hurts to have the Hibiscus or the Tulsi handy


#MeAndMyStupidChallenges 😂😂😂😂

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Ode to Monday 

Like a forgettable chore
Or an uninspiring muse,

Often with an agenda

But never of much use,
Sparkling fiendishly in the sun,

With colors that hold my sway

You make the drab bearable 

Oh gloriously deceptive Monday .



#MeAndMyStupidChallenges 😂😂😂😂