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Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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Conditions of Love

#Love is #unconditional. That’s what makes love true, everlasting, and all that it stands for. 
If love is unconditional, why love at all? Why relish a longing and cherish a union? 
You can do that all even more when love is not taken, but is received as it comes. There is no greater joy or truth.  
Hmmmm, then the truest love should be the one with our own self, right? 
Right, exactly. Love yourself unconditionally and see the joy, and you’ll be able to love another. 
I see, so what if I have frailties, faults, imperfections ? Do I love it all? Do I accept it all? 
Of course accept it. Embrace yourself as you are. 
So I never push myself to be better than I can be? Happily accept my imperfections, when I could have tried to improve? Never set a goal or strive to be all I can be? 
Oh, that is illogical and you know it. 
True that. I am the #heart, what do I know, other than to love…
[of conversations of the head and the heart, when the skies listen in..]


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कल रात बारिश हुई थी शायद,

कल रात बारिश हुई थी शायद,आज सुबह बादलों ने कुछ ऐसा ही एहसास दिलाया,

अभी भी बहुत नमी बाकी थी उनमे, रूखे सूखे पहाड़ियों को सहलाती रहीं
कल रात बारिश हुई थी शायद,

मेरी खिड़कियाँ इतनी साफ तो कभी नही दिखती,

ना ही मेरे ख्वाब…
कल रात बारिश हुई थी शायद…
(c) एक बारिशाना सुबह – PL , March 2017

It may have rained last night. 

Some rain soaked clouds sure made it feel such this morning as they softened the hard edges of my thirsty mountains. 
It may have rained last night 

My windows are never this clear the morning after, or my dreams…
It may have rained last night….
(c) Of a rain drenched morning , PL , March 2017