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Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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Letter to my younger self

It will get harder before it gets easy,
Broken hearts can make your stomach queasy.

Love will come and go like silly fruit flies
Friendships aren’t always never ending ties.

People are mostly good and kind
Though some will make you wish you were blind.

Life will throw darts, and curve balls galore,
Duck you shall most of it, but some will hurt you to the core.

Some moments will pass, some you’ll want to hold on to.
In the end it will all add up and guarantee a very special edition you…

– a letter to my younger self


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Grateful for….

Broken promises
Forgotten dreams
Unshed tears
Uncrossed streams.

Lost moments
Missed miles
Hopeless regrets
Forced smiles.

Each wrong turn
Every undesired view
It’s only when it all passed
I finally learnt to say – Thank you…

– PL (2014)



An ABC kinda poem…

ABC Tree Clipart

Alphabetizing a poem,
Believe it or not,
Can be done.

Don’t fret and fume
Ease into it with,
F as in the letter for fun.

Get on with your day
Hum through each beat
In due course you’ll know it really isn’t a great feat.

Just don’t forget the letters
Kindly keep the rhyme paramount
Love the task at hand and
Make every moment count.

No need to make too much sense
Or delve into melodramatic crap about life
Profundity is not always needed
Quite empty verses can also seem ridden with very romantic strife!

Relax and look around
Soon it may very well dawn
That the poem you thought you’d write
Ultimately has found some pretty solid ground.

Victory is now yours
What seemed insurmountable, is now a thing of the past
Yessssss… 26 lines are ready and waiting, and they are
Zanily, crazily, and completely and irrevocably yours

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The Kiss


Embrace me
Envelope me
Find me
Lose me
Leave me longing
Leave me complete
Make it eternal
Make it real
Show me the world
Show me the heavens
Be my all… and
Kiss me…

( Gustav Klimt’s picture hangs on one of our walls.. today this little weekend theme made me think about it.. )