Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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A Halloween Twist on a Cliched Phrase

If you love someone set them free,
And watch them run away in glee,
Bat not an eyelid, bewitch not a brew
Just take the broom and sail on through…

If you love someone let them go,
Snicker a wicked grin, knowing they will miss you so
Let not out a ghoulish cry, or a mangy melancholy moan
Coz, the night has mysteries that still remain unknown….

If you love someone, don’t try to hunt them down
Don’t crease your brow with a wrinkle or a frown,
Waste no magic potion, cast no sexy spell,
When you are magic itself, there will always be tales to tell…



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A woman After Forty….

A woman after forty is not squeamish to go to the movies alone,
And through all her frailties can very well hold her own.

A woman after forty is always free to choose,
Just ‘coz she is kind, don’t assume she is afraid to lose.

A woman after forty cares too much to care too little,
But mistaking her for a doormat is like calling ‘sunshine’ brittle.

A woman after forty needs less and wants more,
And she is very capable of finding it all within her very core.

A woman after forty can live, love, and laugh her part,
And her path is forever lit with sparkles of truth in her heart.

If you are a woman after forty, it’s just the beginning, far from the end
If you know such a woman, well,
…the privilege is all yours my friend…