Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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Entangled I remain in you, my petals ever so wanton with color.
My fragrance is unleashed,
even as I gasp to breathe within you.
Freedom is for the few and the brave they say.
I am not them.
I have found unbridled joy in this boundless imprisonment.
When my mind is in drunken stupor,
and my body is no longer my own and yet,
my soul roams wild, untamed and free …

(PL – April 2014)

( a few stray flowers from a bouquet and a soft wire mesh can sometimes lend themselves to a few stray thoughts, after all the vases are neatly arranged and put away)



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Bloody Moon

Veiled in white, pristine in form,
she awaits her night of submission.
A dark night flickers with a few distant stars, silent witnesses to a cosmic foreplay.
Slowly, gently, and ever so surely,
he touches her.
Steady in gait, unyielding in stance, he overshadows her virgin aura,
Their union is a silent one.
As the stars go back to their mute existence,
they remain intertwined as lovers for what seems like an eternity.
Her radiance blushed and masked by the depth of his shadows.
Time stands still till they part
knowing they will meet again at some moment in time.
Her radiance is rekindled.
She was touched by the only one she longs for
the only one she soothes in silence every night,
from a distance.

– PL (April 2014)