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Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

Of migrations and immigrations..

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A friend wanted to know my immigration journey. This is what I told her.

Twas the summer of 98 when the H4 seed was sown
Apart from matrimony, a girl made her foray into a world unknown
Sponsoring visas was a phrase unheard,
So Habitat for Humanity was where she voluntarily served
Till one day she heard the familiar strains of Grad School beckon
And F1 became THE force to reckon
OPT, CPT, Internship and Placement were all she needed
To contribute to the US GDP – a desire she well heeded
On getting her visa “Stamped” she was hell bent
And with Victor Garcia Services, off to Ciudad Juarez she went.
Multiple Entry her I 94 gleefully announced
A working woman in the US, she was thus pronounced.
Months turned to years and her status slowly changed,
Milestones from H1 to Labor to Advance Parole she crossed,
Though Pregnancy or Prison weren’t really what was embossed.
EAD left her far from dead
Finally an off-white Green card with her name she read
Years passed on and one fine day,
She took a test and said the right yes and nay
An oath, a pledge a new anthem rang anew
One democracy or another, her PIO keeps her loyalties true!


Author: Yours Truly, Pritha

Professionally have I OD'd on OD ( organizational development ) for over a decade and more . Personally, I am all about making the mundane a wee bit more meaningful and of course a lot more fun in the process. In the course, of course, I very often fall flat on my face, but the joy of getting up makes it worth the "trip" ! Visit, explore, and do write back what you thought, and why you will come back again or never ever; either way I am grateful you dropped by ! Am quite a scatterbrain which is synonymous with being a Saggittarian, so don't take me too seriously; I try not to :) on most of my sensible days. On "other" days, I have more than enough very very well meaning well wishers, who do that for me and land me safely back to earth ! What would I do without them I wonder ? And then I pause, and I often ponder. For all the times I haven't let them be, How on earth would they feel, they were saner than me? Arguably and not so humbly yours... Pritha PS: And yes.. a new mom at 41 is my new identity and I am writing a new chapter with my little girl one gurgle at a time...

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