Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo

It can be done, one can survive
Without the drama and the sarcasm
There is honesty and goodness too in this world
Akin to the soft brown eyes of my child


Sunsets are just as spectacular
Coffee runs are still a lot of fun
It is ok to not document life
It is fun to just live it


A year older, not a day wiser
Blessed for all I have and more
Birthdays call for revelations
Sometimes between you and your mirror, or your Maker


Flowers in vases and fusion recipes
Winterizing closets and warmth of friends
Almost there but not quite,
Have to progress a little more for progressive lenses


Kind emails everyday saying one is missed
Take away from the froth of falsehood
Apologies in advance to those
Who abhor updates of "self and child"


Words exist for a reason
Meanings are important.
Friends, strangers, and acquaintances
Not flip sides, completely different currency.

Distances are the best
The horizon is prettier
Time is beautifully relative
Transient dew transforms into a unique snowflake ….


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The Dark One

You are the Dark One,

The Fierce One,

The Protector, the Destroyer

You are Kali, The Mother

Your “black” is an abyss for all evil

Your Third eye, a haven for salvation

Your form of terror, a sight to behold

As you let Nature be your only garb

As this night sparkles like a million gems

And our eyes are blinded by each and every dazzle

A silent prayer at your errant feet,

May we look past Your darkness, to really see the Light