Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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Revel in Thy Reverence












Beauteous in every form,

Righteous in every action,

The very embodiment of a woman

Is being revered today.


A hundred and eight lamps are lit,

The girl child is worshipped as the face of God,

Prayers, rites, rituals and chants

Reveling we are in celebrating Shakti.


Will we recall Thy face when a woman is scarred?

Will we call Thy name when we want to drown her cries

Will we remain blissful in our ignorance ?

As we are today, when we revel in Thy reverence?


I welcome Thee



With empty arms and an open heart
I welcome Thee

As the Universe brings Thy within reach,
I welcome Thee

As I stand in awe of Thy very first glance,
I welcome Thee

As I look within me and know Thou never left,
I welcome Thee.

Thy Eternal Name..



A hundred and eight names to spell Thy glory,
Still so many more to pray on Thy name.
Every form of Thee, a different story,
So unique in each and yet the same.

As Power, as Beauty, as Wisdom, as Grace,
Each of Thy names more joyous than the other,
But none compares as one prays to Thy children,
And finds only one eternal name for Thee, Mother.

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In Thy Hand…

durga hands

Ten arms I see on you

Ten myths that tell a tale

Ten hands with lessons anew

Ten truths that never fail.


Symbols of knowledge, epitome of power,

The conch that resonates the Universal Om,

The beautiful partially blooming flower,

The Trident to calm every unknown storm.


Yet in ignorance we have forgotten Thy Grace

And let truth slip away like grains of sand,

In a world where evil has maligned Thy form and face

I place my all, Ma, in Thy ever benign Hand.


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