Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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A little sliver of light…


Across the miles, through time and space

The winds of change made their presence known.

And even the most steadfast and unchanging of rocks,

Felt a sky that long separated them, was now their very own.


Over the years they spun their dreams

Around that enchanting sliver of light.

They lived each season and all the joy it brought

Mesmerized in the romance of each dawn and twilight.


One day a million years from now,

When the earth writes her history anew.

She will tell the tale of these silent rocks

In words as fresh as the morning dew.


It will be a tale of permanence

A tale of love from the very start,

Of how a little sliver of light,

Separated two rocks, but never could keep them apart.



Photo Credits: Arisudan Yadav – Denver, Colorado



Shadow Dreams


One night I dreamed, I was walking with you on the green grass
Many little stories you shared in your continuous chatter,
In each story you held my hand,
Or maybe it was I, who held yours.

I could never tell the difference but I recall, each time,
You heard a sound you were unfamiliar with,
Or saw a bug or a bee wander too close,
You raised your arms and I picked you up.

Years from now as I will read this, I will wonder though of one thing,
No matter how pretty our shoes and how straight our gait,
It wasn’t I who took that first step,
No it was you, my darling child,
… and I just followed along.



( When shadows tell a tale, you have to pause and listen, even if it is only in a dream. The words were inspired by Mary Stevenson’s famous Footprints)

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In you I drown…



Your soft breeze rustles through my hair,
As my senses become a little more aware.
Enraptured I am by your gray skies,
And into a wanton land, my heart flies.
You terrorize me with winds unknown,
And watch me revel in those forbidden joys alone.
You tease and tantalize with sparks of fire
And torment me with an unspoken desire.
You wait in patience as you watch my stance
And laugh too at this heady romance.
At last,  you give in with a sensuous frown,
And as the rain soaks me, in you I drown.

(Afternoon musings as the skies and the earth engaged in the most beautiful foreplay before the rains…)


Radha and Rukmini…

A dear friend who is of the Muslim faith asked me yesterday about Radha, Krishna and Rukmini. I put on my Google Hat and sent her a bunch of links.
In Hindu mythology these three divine characters have their unique places both individually and collectively. Krishna as all of us know, is looked upon as the supreme Godhead. Rukmini was his queen, while Radha his Divine Consort. The love they each had for their Lord has been food for thought, verse, and music for historians and spiritual aspirants alike.

This is my purely ignorant and humble excuse of an attempt to understand the most beautiful thing in this world, selflessness in love, and the way it is epitomized in in their divine play.

One His queen, His joy, His pride

One His love, always by His side.

One betrothed around the fire,

One besotted with spiritual desire.

One worshipped Him, as Her Lord Supreme

One He appeared for, in her every dream.

One remains as truth and a timeless fact of history

The other is the question and the answer to…

… True Love’s most divine mystery.

radha krishna



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