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Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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The Lotus Leaf

Raindrops from the previous night,

Drenched a lotus leaf with all their might

But being one to always hold its own,

The leaf prayed for winds so the little drops would be blown.

Soon a gentle breeze kissed the little pond

And one by one the drops loosened their bond,

At last the lotus leaf stood free and clear,

Proud and strong that it held no one too dear.

Just when it thought, it was free of all rain,

And swayed with the ripples knowing it would never feel it again,

It caught a little rainbow sparkling in the sun

And saw that a tiny raindrop was prancing in fun.

Said the little drop to the leaf, “Try hard as you might, I won’t leave your heart.

No matter how strong the wind, I will never be apart.

And if you ask me the reason why, all I know is this,

On a day when the sun scorches you, I will remind you of the monsoons you miss.”


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A line in water…

Town and Country Blvd. Houston./ Photo Credits: Arisudan Yadav







In life and all its myriad moments,
There remain a few untouched thoughts.

In the familiarity of each day,
There remain a few unknown fears.

In the quiet solitude of each night
There remain a few unspoken dreams..

Touched by love, caressed by life, they all unravel their mystery
And like a line that tears through the ripples in water, your heart finds its hidden rhythm.



Photo Credits: Arisudan Yadav/ Town and Country Blvd. Houston