Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

To the “fabulously ordinary” mom…


It’s ok if the laundry pile is now, a little mountain on the floor,

And it’s totally fine if crayons have created a Monet on the front door.

It’s super cool if the car smells of long forgotten meals,

And sometimes, a missing child can only be located through high-pitched squeals!

It’s ok to have lampshade hair when you drop your child off to school

And don’t worry if folks think, your legs are not shaved enough for the pool.

So what if the little black dress is a stitch too tight,

And those oh-so-white lace napkins are a strange creamy delight.

Ice cream on the counter top or coins in the sink,

The child is only “learning”, say it to yourself with a wink.

If tattoos are the only thing you see when the first “date” comes home,

Breathe a little deeper, and then go rent some chick flick about Rome.

So sit back, relax, celebrate yourself, and know perfection is a thing of the past,

Being yourself and a “fabulously ordinary” mom is what will truly outlast!



Author: Yours Truly, Pritha

Professionally have I OD'd on OD ( organizational development ) for over a decade and more . Personally, I am all about making the mundane a wee bit more meaningful and of course a lot more fun in the process. In the course, of course, I very often fall flat on my face, but the joy of getting up makes it worth the "trip" ! Visit, explore, and do write back what you thought, and why you will come back again or never ever; either way I am grateful you dropped by ! Am quite a scatterbrain which is synonymous with being a Saggittarian, so don't take me too seriously; I try not to :) on most of my sensible days. On "other" days, I have more than enough very very well meaning well wishers, who do that for me and land me safely back to earth ! What would I do without them I wonder ? And then I pause, and I often ponder. For all the times I haven't let them be, How on earth would they feel, they were saner than me? Arguably and not so humbly yours... Pritha PS: And yes.. a new mom at 41 is my new identity and I am writing a new chapter with my little girl one gurgle at a time...

8 thoughts on “To the “fabulously ordinary” mom…

  1. This has a ‘Abol Tabol’ kind of feel..I esp loved one phrase-‘Lampshade hair’ oh super coinage that is 🙂 Happy Mother’s day to you too Pritha.

  2. oh Pritha…..whenever I pull the brakes and make a quick stop at your blog….it draws me in like Alice’s wonderland! Loved the pOme…the glasses video too …thank you for storming into my world! love!

  3. Pritha, I have been reading your compositions ( prose+poetry) ever since we became friends on FB. You have an excellent knack for sending relevant messages through your poems. The words may look simple but have a very deep meaning..often beyond their literal meaning.
    And before I forget, what a lovely introduction there. Keep enthralling your readers my dear wordsmith.. 🙂

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