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Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

Once upon a time..

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“Once upon a time there was a…”
No, let’s not start on that tale.
Coz’ you will spin your own web of dreams
In ways that will never fail.

Fail if they did, you will again rise
To face another morn’ with naive surprise.
To laugh at, or with, the world
A choice that will make your life unfurl.

So my darling, sleep your little happy sleep,
And dream your little baby dreams
Soar to where the angels fly,
But know both are real,
…. the humble earth, and the limitless sky …




My ode to joy …

Much too often we lose sight of joy in an effort to look for it. It is everywhere if we just let ourselves feel its different shades.

In moments of innocence
In beats of childhood
In the gaiety of freedom
Joy abounds.

In the fire of youth
In the passion of life
In the sweet sorrows of love
Joy abounds

In the monotony of the mundane
In the simple joys of everyday
In treasuring things unchanged
Joy abounds.

In the romance of surprises
In the stupor of thrills
In the pursuit of mirages
Joy abounds.

In the stillness of time
In the twilight of memories
In knowing one has lived, and loved, without reason
Joy abounds.


A raindrop

A little raindrop on my window,
Opens to me a world anew.

There is so much beauty, there is boundless joy
Even if along the way, there are tears a few.

Dark and ominous the skies may seem,
Out of reach maybe every dream.

Yet just like how the sun never fails
Faith always carries us thru life’s travails…

From my French doors this afternoon...

From my French doors this afternoon…