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Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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windows to my soul….

No words suffice, no verses rhyme
Nothing short of a glimpse divine,
Is the guileless way you look at me,
As you lock your eyes into mine.

A myriad questions waiting to unfold
A million stories remain to be told
Yet in silence you hold me still,
In a gaze with which my heart does fill.

Your eyes reflect the tears in mine
Or seem to shine with my every smile                                                                                                                                                 Your innocent gaze unlocks my soul, so
Before you look away, please tarry a while.

Let me  find myself in your questioning stare
Let me tell you, I will always be there
Let your innocence cleanse my core
While your twinkling eyes reveal so much more..


( my 3 week old cannot say much without crying, she cannot really mimic actions yet or react too much and her smiles are mostly in her sleep…but if there is one thing she can do, is look straight into my eyes and see my soul… and she does that with the look that is so guileless, that you wonder, if there was a way to hold that moment in time and go back to each time you wanted to feel the beauty and magic of a child’s unquestioning love and dependance)


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The clasp of a tiny hand, when startled by a dream,
The incredibly high pitch to let out some steam,
The funny faced grimace following a moment terse,
Your twinkling eyes, as you look up at me and show me the universe….

(a moment of reflection following an hour long conversation with my 5 day old about stuff… / lesson learnt – donot blog, philosophize or read to unborn child at weird hours of the nite while pregnant / may lead to permanent habit formation in offspring )