Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?


never forget…

Always remember…

the innocence of childhood,
the romance of youth,
the tenacity of age,
are all empowered by the resilience of truth.

Always remember…

the transience of time,
the permanence of sorrow,
yet the will to survive,
overshadows all fears of tomorrow.

Always remember…

the unsung glories,
of the nameless few,
the untold stories,
that will continue to inspire, freedom true.

Never forget…

the tears that remain unshed,
or the quiet smiles that see one through,
on this surreal day of pride and reckoning,
when the world stood still and ….
….. then learnt to move anew.


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… those kohl laden eyes…

Alabaster and gold couldn’t compare in grace,
To the sculpted beauty of that beautiful face.

The perfumes of various exotic lands,
Fell short of the fragrance of her delicate hands.

Her rose tinted visage , a cynosure of all eyes
Often did wonders to a smile, that left little to disguise.

Desired and admired, she was by quite a few,
But true love was for the only love she ever knew.

Her story however ended before it began,
And from life and living, she forever ran.

Her grace and charm, decades later, still continue to mesmerize…
But no one saw her smile, ever again, reach those kohl laden eyes…

(inspired by someone whose melancholy beauty was more than skin deep and the stark loneliness of her persona emanated with a sense of quiet dignity and immense grace…)