Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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A desert tale…

She  bloomed like any flower would,

Gentle at first and sensual after.

Innocent and heady, her fragrance spread

Through the desert sands like her sparkling laughter.


She dreamed of a life where the grass was green,

Where the blazing sun didn’t scorch her eyes.

She wished for a glimpse of what she hoped,

Would be that vision, of her very own paradise.


Months rolled to years and then some more,

Many a visitor sought a place in her heart.

She smiled and tarried a while now and then

Relishing the moments but then drifted apart.


Far away in the distant sands,

A cherished vision once caught her lonely eyes,

As if the gods had finally heard,

And granted her a glimpse of that paradise.


A rider on a stallion black,

Resplendent in the afternoon sun,

Teased her senses from afar,

Causing her heart and soul to break into a run.


Her flowing robes and auburn tresses,

…wrestled with the winds as she ran,

While her kohl laden eyes seemed to search,

For that handsome visage that would belong to her man


As the sands turned to copper with the setting sun,

She called out to him with all her might,

But her voice, like her breath,

Was drowned in the silence of that desert night.


Her kohl laden eyes closed forever,

With one last glimpse of her divine love,

Unaware her vision was just a mirage

She found her final solace under the stars above.


Her tale of love, just like her laughter,

Spread through the land like some cosmic prose.

And as soul mates found their bliss under those very stars,

They sometimes spared a thought for a lonely desert rose.








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Love is…


Not this huge mystery waiting to be found,

Nor is it a feeling of being perpetually bound.

It is more than sonnets, songs and tunes,

And all the ballads that the Venetian gondolier croons.

A matter of the heart , or of the head,

Either way, love can leave you feeling quite dead !

Yet the magic will get you when you are least aware,

And you will find yourself asking.. do I even dare?

It can be a bitch, or a cute little dog,

It is in the heat of the moment, or in the mystery of the fog.

It will make you laugh, it sure as hell, will make you cry !

It is all about that first hello, and sometimes having to say goodbye.

A life time of memories, or that first special glance,

Heady or traumatic, love can weave quite the trance.

It is in the words, the deeds and in the silence,

It can be your very own glimpse of Divine providence.

As predictable as your every day,

Love can be routine in every which way.

Like a pair of comfy old shoes,

Love doesn’t always need a romantic muse.

Cynical or romantic, love may come your way,

Take it and keep it or give it away.

It is always special when one finds love,

But when it finds you, it is a gift from Above.