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Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

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I miss you…


Your summer skies and winter morn,

Your fiery twilights with thoughts forlorn,

Your calming nights, your soothing breeze,

Your affection to make me smile with ease.


Your places of worship that so abound,

Your cacophony that can still every sound,

Your colors, your rivers, your very milieu

In your thoughts I find the essence of life, anew.


You can lose oneself in your crowds they say,

You are a plethora of texture in every which way,

Your heart holds us all with love and pride

Never turning away anyone who has sought your side.


Oceans away from your shores,  I may wake up this day,

Not a word will escape my lips, for you to hear me say,

For all the cynicism you may think about me to be true,

In my silence and in my words, I will always miss you….


(a dedication to my country on our 61st Republic Day celebrated on Jan 26th )





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the journey…

It’s out there, for sure, that is what I always thought,

Happiness, bliss, peace, love and what not.

So every step I took was away from me,

Because it was somewhere out there I knew I would find thee.


Along the way, milestones were trips on their own,

As the truths along each step became less unknown,

Some moments I cherish every day, every minute,

Some I wish were a picture collage, without me anywhere in it.


The views seem prettier with each passing day,

Or maybe life makes the hurdles easier along the way.

The journey does seem endless at times,

And at others, as sweet as mellifluous chimes.


Each fork in the road is treasure to behold,

To love, to cherish, to cower or,  be bold,

And when the stark monoliths of fate,  taunt you in the face,

It is the journey within, that keeps you in grace.



Inspired by the following lyrics in this song below..

सर उठा के मैने तो कितनी ख्वाहिशें की थी,
कितने ख्वाब देखे थे, कितनी कोशिशें की थी,
जब तू रूबरू आया
जब तू रूबरू आया, नज़रे ना मिला पाया,
सर झुका के एक पल में,
सर झुका के एक पल में मैने क्या नही



Letting go…

The vast ocean, the limitless waves

The invisible shoreline, still a maze

All of this is so new to me,

As I choose to let go and I venture into the sea.

There will be storms, there will be rain

After the clouds, the sun may shine again,

Rudderless, I will float with the tide,

Nowhere to run or no place to hide.

I will dream through endless nights,

Get scorched by sweltering days,

The shoreline may just as well never be,

But atleast, I will have had my plays.

Not sure how the journey will end,

No anchor or sail to hold me down,

Freedom beckons as the winds pick up,

And it’s time to let go, without a smile, or a frown.


for you…

Took my first steps as you watched with pride, fell asleep as you rocked me from side to side.

Your patience amazed me the older I got, as did your anchored endurance in the myriad battles you fought.

Childhood indulgences began to mean so much more, as it dawned that your tireless hours were much more than a chore.

Pride of my youth made me argue and fight, and yet through it all, your silence helped me not lose sight,

Of all the things in this world that are good and true, my biggest blessing has been having my father in you…

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My final solace…

As yet another day draws to a close, I look through your mystic hues,

The sunset plays one last song,  and your branches cast their shadows long.

Your roots ground me when I seek an anchor, your branches help me spread my wings,

Your leaves shade me from the harshest light, and yet stirs my soul to dreams of the night.

Rain or shine, you hold your own, strong and steady from morn to night,

In you I find the wisdom I seek;  and the strength to never give up without a fight.

Stay by me so I may be calm, stay within me so I smile through it all,

Help me find joy in every moment, in the harshest of winter and the prettiest of fall.

I smile  and thank the skies above, for giving me something so precious to love.

The epitome of everything good and true, is that final solace I find in you.