Pritha's pomes

Some rhyme, romance and a wee bit reason maybe, bear with me ?

The Debate

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Lost in thought for  hours on end, sat a sage and a seer,

Both wise men, with thoughts profound had looked far and near.

The debate they raised was still not won and neither would back down,

The question they pondered had left them both, with less of a smile than a frown.


Back and forth they went for hours, mystified at their state,

Neither would give up their stance, nor would they call it stalemate.

Was the mighty ocean, stronger, than the distant snowy slopes?

Where would one find HIS reflection, and the answer to all hopes?


The two wise man talked long and hard about their points of view.

But, mention of tempests and jagged slopes, just caused their debates to renew.

Tired at their inept ways to find the answer they sought,

Each decided to ask around and see what surprises it brought.


Each went his merry way, full of conviction and pride

Certain that their wisdom, would bring revelations inside.

Some talked to them of the mountain, as the pinnacle of strength

While others felt the ocean floor, was a reflection of Divine depth.


Inconclusive but still hopeful, because their ideas were at stake,

Both paused as they saw a child, throwing pebbles in a lake.

The ripples went far and wide each time the stone found its mark,

It took a moment when both realized, they were both so much in the dark.


A little stone, as it hit the lake caused ripples all around,

Yet there was not a tempest, no storm, no tide, not even a sound.

The stone then sunk deep into the abyss of the lake,

And stillness slowly took over as if there was no break.


The sage and seer both laughed at their ignorance galore,

How do you compare a mountain range to the endless ocean shore?

The Infinite was not any one,  as the wise men had found.

It was the Horizon where both met, where all the answers abound.


Author: Yours Truly, Pritha

Professionally have I OD'd on OD ( organizational development ) for over a decade and more . Personally, I am all about making the mundane a wee bit more meaningful and of course a lot more fun in the process. In the course, of course, I very often fall flat on my face, but the joy of getting up makes it worth the "trip" ! Visit, explore, and do write back what you thought, and why you will come back again or never ever; either way I am grateful you dropped by ! Am quite a scatterbrain which is synonymous with being a Saggittarian, so don't take me too seriously; I try not to :) on most of my sensible days. On "other" days, I have more than enough very very well meaning well wishers, who do that for me and land me safely back to earth ! What would I do without them I wonder ? And then I pause, and I often ponder. For all the times I haven't let them be, How on earth would they feel, they were saner than me? Arguably and not so humbly yours... Pritha PS: And yes.. a new mom at 41 is my new identity and I am writing a new chapter with my little girl one gurgle at a time...

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